Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Last meeting and next meeting

Hey gang!

First off,, regarding last meeting,,,, very sorry for not being at the meeting on sunday but i had to make an unplanned trip to north bay and sudbury.

Second,, next meeting,,,, Holy crap I'm leading again?????? Arrgh! Okay,,,, acceptance is settling in and I have an idea for the next meeting. I once owned a book of illustrations (author unknown.... uh, meaning no one knows who the author was/is) under each illustration was one sentence. The reader was left to make up his/her own story from the illustration and sentence. I've lost the book years ago (which i continue to this day to kick myself for) and have googled till my fingers were numb trying to find another. (thats a hint to anyone who knows what i'm talking about) Anyway, that's what i'm going to do. As a professional photographer (and not a bad one at that!) I'll be bringing in 8x10 photographs that I've taken over the years and you will have to write a short story or poem about that photo.

Sooooo, this is the 'heads up' on the next meeting and what we'll be doing.

Post Script.. Sonia,, its never a good time to kill a man dear... sheesh!
Nancy,,, remember the old saying,, 'no good dead goes unpunished' (eep! 'deed')

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Diane Bator said...

Can't wait to see the photos!