Monday, July 30, 2018

Summertime Adventures

I keep falling off the grid as far as my blog is concerned.
Life, you know! Vacation, family visiting, and sunshine, oh my!

I finally took a week off work to take my  youngest on a vacation with my brother and his wife. Fun week full of wineries and sight-seeing. I learned a lot about wine tasting. I even rode a bike for the first time in years, which prompted me to get a friend to help me pull mine out of the weeds and get it ready to ride. More adventures for the summer.

That same friend also brought me a small barbecue. I've missed having one but just never found the time or inclination to get one. I've had it two days and have already put it to good use. With the long weekend coming...that little barbecue will see a lot of action. Less take-out and more cooking!

I've also become motivated to work on The Painted Lady (Book 4 of my Wild Blue Mysteries) and dust off my original novella Murder on Manitou in order to republish it one day soon. Working on both of those have become my mission for the summer.

With summer half over, I have a lot of work to do!
My first Gilda Wright novel (originally Can't Keep a Brunette Down) has been republished by Books We Love Ltd as DEAD WITHOUT HONOR and is available on Amazon as well as other sites.
Hardheaded Brunette will be published later this summer as DEAD WITHOUT GLORY.
Life is Better Brunette will come out this fall as DEAD WITHOUT PRIDE.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and news!


Sunday, July 15, 2018

July 15, 2018, Headwaters Writers' Guild Meeting

As part of our commitment to our partnership with the Orangeville Public Library, Marilyn Kleiber will be holding three full day creative writing workshops free to the public. These workshops take place from 10am-3pm on 3 Saturdays. They are September 22nd - Creating Great Characters; October 27th - Save $ By Editing Like a Pro; and November 24th - How to Self Publish. We hope and expect group members will attend one or more of these workshops.

Upon reviewing the workshop dates Patricia realized that the third workshop is scheduled on the date we were to have our Christmas Luncheon. Alternative ideas were brought up at the last meeting. Patricia followed up with Nancy and the library. A decision has been made that as a finale to the workshop series, a Christmas Social will be held following the November 24th workshop. Members of the Headwaters Writers' Guild will bring refreshments (cookies, cupcakes, fruit tray, etc.). Attendees of the workshop are invited to join the social. As members of the Headwaters Writers' Guild are expected to attend these workshops, if they are UNABLE to attend but can attend the after-social, they can do so. Any member of HWG must bring some sort of food or non-alcoholic beverage item to share. Coffee and tea will be available throughout the course of the day during the workshops. The workshops end at 3pm, the library closes at 5pm. This Christmas Social will be included in the library's advertising of the workshops. Please note that this is replacing our previous Christmas Luncheon format.

Writing Prompts

1. We are all strangers, somewhere...

2. The tavern was a place she would never have gone into, but she needed to use the washroom...

3. She awakened to the sound of a child crying, and remembering the day she lost Tommy, she hastily dressed, grabbed a flashlight and headed into the woods...

4. She tried to subdue the panic she was feeling as she stepped on to the ___________

5. The world of the cancer patient was going to be a new journey for her.

6. Her dreams of teaching hadn't included Bobby Fairchild and his brat pack.

7. When the doorbell rang at 2am that morning she was confronted by two officers who wanted to know the whereabouts of her son....

8. The package that had been stuffed in her mailbox contained an antique locket, and a note saying "If you are Ellen Jamison, meet me in the tea room at the Shelton Arms hotel at three this afternoon".

9. They just wanted to scare the kid a bit, they hadn't meant to hurt him.

10. "Mr. Cranford", said the social worker, "this young woman claims to be your daughter."

11. Diving into the psychological life and motivations of the characters in the play proved to be just the challenge she dreamed of.

12. At the age of three, their son Carter began to speak of another life he had lived in the country of __________ during a time of some war, and he said his name was ___________.

13. She fainted during the heat wave and when she awoke she was in a strange building...

14. Write of a time in your life when you found yourself in a very unfamiliar situation or place, and how it shaped your life at the time.

Next Meeting:
Sunday, August 12th, 1:30pm
Clare is scheduled to lead.