Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It’s been a strange couple of days. On Saturday, my ex-brother-in-law on my side of the family, died at age 67. What can I say about him? Nothing. I guess it’s a reminder if you've lived a good life that other people will mourn your death.

I offer sympathy for my niece for the death of her father.

Unhappy thoughts have surfaced. All I can say is that he must have also “conned” his church. I know that God loves unconditionally but I haven’t reached that perfection yet. Maybe after I arrive in heaven I’ll be able to understand the purpose of my ex-brother-in-law’s life. Possibly, maybe his only life’s purpose was to be a bad example or a reminder for us to live the best life you can. And to use the talents that you’re given.

Yesterday, on my husband’s side, a nephew was born weighing 9 lbs. 3 ounces. Today we celebrate his birth. And I’ll pray that he becomes the best person that he can be.

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Mary Patricia Bird said...

I was sitting at my desk at work feeling my baby kick for the first time when my father called me to tell me his brother passed away.

This week, Allen's uncle passed away on Tuesday. Today my nephew's fiancee gave birth to a baby boy, my fifth great (2 great nieces, 3 great nephews).

As one life ends, another begins. It is the circle of life.