Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Free Poetry Contest

This is the contest I entered last year when I made the top 15% after the first cut. This year's deadline is coming up so check it out.

Happy Birthday, Nancy - Sept 13, 2009!

Please join me in wishing Nancy a wonderful birthday on Sept 13.
Keep working hard on your writing. We're looking forward to hear some new poetry!

Words of Wisdom from Nicholas Sparks

I thought I would pass on some words of wisdom I read from Nicholas Sparks on his agent Theresa Park's website.

You can't be a writer if you don't write, it's just that simple. I wrote two complete novels and another book before I even attempted to write The Notebook . Those two novels are unpublished, but they taught me that I not only liked to write, but that I had it in me to finish a novel once I'd started it. Those lessons were important when I sat down to write The Notebook . I write five or six days a week, usually a minimum of 2000 words, sometimes more. 2000 words can take anywhere from three to eight hours. (Love those three-hour days, by the way, but the average is probably closer to five hours). The actual time spent writing depends on a number of factors, including what I'm writing, whether the scene is difficult or easy, etc. No matter what, I try to maintain consistency in my work habits. And I'm always trying to improve, to try new things, to write a new story that is better than anything else I've written. All people who regard writing as a profession write consistently. Those who regard it as a hobby usually don't. For more information, see Nicholas Sparks's Writer's Corner: