Friday, October 31, 2008

Quote of the Day 10/31

Only write from your own passion, your own truth. That's the only thing you really know about, and anything else leads you away from the pulse. - Marianne Williamson

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Quote of the Day 10/30

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning. - Louis L'Amour


2,500 word count
$5.00 entry fee
CLOSES: December 31, 2008

Check out website for further information.

Good Luck to everyone!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008



May it be the best writing year of your life!
May you have rainbows
And all that's good.

Laura's birthday is on Saturday.


Best Wishes

Free Poetry Contest

The following contest is the one I got short-listed on, but didn't make the final cut.

2008 Franklin-Christoph Poetry Contest

Guidelines for the 2008 Franklin-Christoph Poetry Contest
We will award $2500 in total prizes, including the $1000 cash grand prize. 10 Merit Award Winners will receive $150 writing instruments.

Submission Period: Entries accepted June 1-Nov 30 (postmark dates), 2008.
This contest is not yet open, and the rules below may change. Please wait until November 15 or later to submit. [???]

What to Submit: Original, unpublished poem of any theme. Limit of 2 entries per contestant. Entries should not exceed 100 lines each.

PrizesFirst Prize, $1,000 cash and publication on Ten Merit Award Winners, each to receive a $150 Franklin-Christoph writing instruments, and publication on Winners announced by February 14th, 2008. [I think this should say 2009]

Entry is Free. There will be no fee or other obligation for entering this contest.

Deadline: November 30, 2008. Your entry must be postmarked or submitted online by this date. Preparing Your EntrySubmit one copy of your poems online or by mail. Provide your contact information within your email, or on a separate cover sheet if submitting by mail. Be sure to include your actual name and address, as we will not be able to send prizes to alternate names and addresses after winners have been announced. It is okay to use a pen name with the poem as well, and we will review with you how you would like your specifics to read before publication. If your poem contains complex formatting, such as centered text or italic type, we recommend submitting by mail. Please make your entry easy to read — no illustrations, fancy fonts or decorative borders.

How To Submit: Email to by either pasting within message or attachment. Or mail to: Franklin-Christoph Poetry Contest, 7511 Mourning Dove Rd. Ste. 104, Raleigh, NC 27615. Please include a cover letter (or email) with your name and contact number. The poem itself should not contain your name or any contact information. We will hold original copies at our headquarters, and submit anonymous copies to our panel of judges.

Entries Must Be Original and Unpublished. Your entries must be original, written by you, unpublished (either in print or in an online journal), and not have received a monetary award from any other contest. Self-published work is not eligible. Exceptions: Poems posted to the web outside of online journals, such as to a bulletin board, email list, personal web page, critique site or public forums are eligible for entry.

Please email us if you're unsure of eligibility. Our staff will research all submissions for prior publication.

Simultaneous Submission Allowed. You may submit your poems simultaneously to this contest and to other contests and publishers. Please notify us if one of your entries wins an award in another contest or is published elsewhere.English LanguagePoems should be in English. Poems translated from other languages are not eligible.

PrivacyWe respect your privacy. Franklin-Christoph does not sell or rent customer or contestant information to third parties. CopyrightYou retain the copyright to your submission. If you place as finalist or better, Franklin-Christoph only requests permission to publish your work on, in our email publications and in our press releases. Any other potential use will be negotiated with you.JudgingFranklin-Christoph will utilize a panel of independent judges from a staff at a local college. Members of the FC Staff, or other economically affiliated persons are not eligible to enter.

Form: We are open to poetry in all forms, on all subjects, short or tall, large or small.Thank you for you participation, and we look forward to receiving you entry.

Quote of the Day 10/29

The most essential factor is persistence - the determination never to allow your energy or enthusiasm to be dampened by the discouragement that must inevitably come. - James Whitcomb Riley


Check out the website -- good info for writers.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quote of the Day 10/28

To keep motivation going strong, begin at once the mental practice of seeing yourself as an altogether new individual - one who is always vital, vigorous and excited. - Norman Vincent Peale


On October 30th, the day before Halloween, Pat will be celebrating her birthday.

Pat -- May it be the best year of your life.

Keep writing and keep happy!

All the best

Monday, October 27, 2008

Quote of the Day

"One of the greatest gifts we have as writers is to be able to move from the every day world into our own creation, where we get to play God, fate, and destiny, and every once in a while, we get to slip a piece of ourselves inside a story." - Jill Barnett

Keep Happy!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Contests & Anthologies

Whispers Publishing

Beginning NOVEMBER 15, 2008, Whispers Publishing will be hosting the Resolutions" writing contest. The contest is open to all writers published and unpublished.

THE DETAILS: We're looking for New Year's Resolution based novellas ranging from 5000-15,000 words. Any genre or time period is acceptable, but the story must revolve around amain character's New Year's Resolution, I.e., to get married, to land amajor role in a movie, etc. Be creative and don't limit yourself. There is no entry fee. The top five winning, contracted novellas will be published before February28, 2009.

REQUIREMENTS: Entry must be a completed, never before published novella Entries should have a minimum of 5,000 words but should not exceed 15,000words and should be double spaced Entries should not include any subject matter which Whispers Publishingdoes not currently accept. Please visit our submission guidelines forfurther information. Prospective entries should be submitted no later than midnight (12:00 a.m) EST on DECEMBER 15, 2008. Entries should consist of a detailed query whichshould include a brief bio, a blurb, word count, and your publishing credits(if any). Each submission should be written in a Microsoft Word document and emailedto whisperssubmissions with the words RESOLUTIONS ENTRY in thesubject line. Your name (both real name and pseudonym if used), address, telephonenumber, and a valid email address must be included with your query. Multiple entries will be accepted.

JUDGING: All entries must be received by December 15, 2008. Judging will begin on December 16, 2008 with the top five winners announcedno later than January 15, 2009. All entries will be judged by published authors and established editors.

PRIZES: The Grand Prize winner will receive $50.00, an award certificate, and acontract for publication. Additional prizes will be awarded as follows: First Place Winner: $25.00, an award certificate, and a contract forpublication. Second Place Winner: $10.00, an award certificate, and a contract forpublication. Third Place Winner: An award certificate and a contract for publication. Additionally, the novella voted best of all entries (regardless of whether or not it is judged to be a winning entry) by our reader group will receive a $25.00 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble or Amazon.


Call for submissions

Girl Talk: 25 Open Letters to Our Female Friends

BF s. Frenemies. Gal pals. Female friendships are such a unique, fragile entity that there are even words made up to describe them. And if you’re female and reading this, you know all too well exactly why. From the best friend who drops everything for you, to the subtle (or not-so-subtle) underminer, to the one you know will agree with you no matter what, to the one you turn to for the truth about how you really look in those pants, our female friends are our backbones, our saviors, our laugh-so-hard-you-cry-with pals, and sometimes our worst enemies.

Have you ever wanted to tell your former BF how you really feel? Longed to tell The Friend Who Got Away that you were sorry for the way you snubbed her in 8th grade for the popular crowd? Wish you could tell your friend what you really think about her husband? After all, you’ve dished to everyone within earshot, why not address her directly? Well, here’s your chance. For Girl Talk: 25 Open Letters to Our Female Friends, we’re looking for a wide range of stories, in a letter format. Letter topics will include ( just some general ideas to help you brainstorm):

• the one who got away
• the one who you can turn to for anything
• the one who will always tell you the truth
• the one from whom you’ve kept a secret all these years
• the one from childhood that you’ve lost touch with
• the one who died young
• the one who did you wrong
• the one who constantly puts you down, leaving you wondering if it’s just you

The Fine Print:
WHO: Send submissions to editor Megan McMorris at
WHEN: Deadline for submissions is January 15. Book will be published in Fall ‘09.
HOW LONG: We aim for a variety of lengths, but try and keep it in the 1,000 to 3,000 range.
WHY: Besides the fun experience of writing the letter you’ve always wanted to send, contributors will receive $100 payable upon publication and two copies of the book (please note: you do keep your copyright, and contributors are encouraged to publish them
as excerpts elsewhere).


Chicken Soup for the Soul Anthologies


Cup of Comfort Anthologies


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dorothy Shoemaker Literary Awards

Congratulations Laura: in placing 2nd in the 2008 Dorothy Shoemaker Literary Awards Contest for you piece of prose called Freedom From Gravity. Way to go.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

hamster on a wheel

Okay, for all those who don't know, I finished novel #2 called "With Neighbours Like You..." Laura has it in her hands to red pencil to death. As for my first novel, "The Bookstore Lady" I'm awaiting to hear the short list from the Metcalfe-Rooke Awards since that's where I sent it! If it isn't picked up there, I'll be shipping it off by the end of November to more publishers and agents.

Upcoming Events

The Headwaters Writers' Guild has some upcoming events that may be of interest to everyone.

On Friday, November 7th, 2008, The Bellinger Family and the Headwaters Writers' Guild will be presenting a bursary to a graduating O.D.S.S. student in honour of a talented writer, the late Janet Bellinger who was a teacher at O.D.S.S.

On Sunday, December 7th, 2008, we will be having our annual Christmas luncheon. No location has been finalized but we expect to be meeting at The King's Buffet in Orangeville. New to our function this year will be a book exchange. Anyone who has any books they would like to share with other members should bring them to the luncheon. Bring a couple, bring a bag, bring a box! After the luncheon we will meet at the Orangeville Public Library as per usual. However, instead of following our regular format we will be playing a rousing game of Balderdash! Family members are welcome.

On Sunday, January 18th, 2009, the Headwaters Writers' Guild is sponsoring the "Writing Your Life" Workshop by Brian Henry at the Oddfellows Hall on Elizabeth Street in Orangeville. More details to follow.

Thursday, December 25th - Christmas! Only 64 more days!!!!

Keep Happy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Early winter?

I awoke this morning to a blanket of snow and high winds rattling the windows in a futile attempt to enter my warm sanctuary. Following an early morning appointment with a physiotherapist to ease my chronic back problem, I did a little shopping and returned to my home office to work on another column for the Newfoundland newspaper chain that carries my outdoor thoughts bi-weekly. It is called 'My Outdoors', and covers a wide variety of topics which relate to outdoor activities. In other news, my latest book, a biography titled "Bill Bennett: Pioneer Bush Pilot and Outfitter", is due for release sometime in November. I have also sent two manuscripts to another publisher in hopes that they will be accepted for publication. One is a young adult book, the other my sci-fi novelette. I am hoping to make it to one of the group's meetings the next time I visit Orangeville. I miss you guys and the banter, as well as the prompts which inspire the creative juices to flow. Hope to see you all soon.