Sunday, April 29, 2012

Meeting Cancelled

As per our discussion at today's meeting, the meeting on Sunday, May 6th has been cancelled. Our next meeting will be held on Sunday, May 27th.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Meeting Minutes April 1, 2012

Another short meeting today, members had things to do and places to be.

We welcomed Barry back for his second meeting. Barry writes sci-fi, mystic and spiritual books. He also has a website and book publishing company at where you can purchase his books and e-books as well as have your own published. His current series is called "Inner Voices."

Kelli was back and talked about the bumps along her publishing journey. We were all reminded that if a publisher asks you for money up front, be wary and check them out!
On the topic of publishers:
Judy is looking into Balboa Press which is a division of Hay House.
Clare is dealing with Pandora Press for his next book.
Danielle reminded us for self-publishing there are Create Space and Lulu.
We also have three of our own writers who have their own publishing companies:
           Barry with Alder Book Publishing
           Gloria with Spiral Press
           Marilyn with Sun Dragon Press
Jayne's publisher, currently working on book 2, is Harborlight Press. They are a division of White Rose and Pelican. They are at the low end of royalty presses but she has gotten a cheque and they require no monetary investment.
As Clare reminded us: We all have to start somewhere.

Judy read about an awards presentation she attended a few years ago.

Sonja came in and we chatted about her winning Dragonfly's "Tell Me Her Story" contest by SJ Pringle. She plans to get permission to post the picture, now called "Emma's Resolve" and links for Dragonfly and SJ Pringle. She thanked everyone who came to support her Saturday at the presentation.

Diane read Chapter One from her new book Deja Vu.

Danielle read the second half of her story from two weeks ago.


This week we did an exercise on alliteration - using as many words starting with the same letter/sound as possible. Everyone did a great job, but honourable mentions were Clare, Jayne, Judy and Megan.

After all the giggles, we packed up and called it an afternoon.

Our Next Meeting is April 15. Diane will be leading.
Have a great two weeks and keep writing!!!