Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Author of My Life by Nancy Rorke

It’s not that I can’t write, it’s more that it’s been difficult to find flow, when it feels like I’m taking dictation from my soul, or possibly channeling an article, story or poem.  It’s when I write every word that I hear without censoring it.

The late Robin Williams said that everything flowed through him and that he mainly channeled his work.  He also said that many writers, artists, actors, or creative people talk about being the conduit.

I prefer to write in flow, like Beethoven did, but without becoming a monster.  He was obsessive and wrote music incessantly.  Or I’d like to compose like Mozart, who penned music effortlessly, sometimes completing his masterpieces in one draft.

Or I’d rather create like van Gogh, one of my favourite masters, who painted because he must…but I could do without having the depression and committing suicide.  One year he completed two hundred canvases. Starving, penniless and sick, he generated works of art simply for the joy.

Actually, I’d like to write like Marilyn Kleiber, a fellow writer, who is prolific. She writes one or two short stories a day.  Marilyn creates the beginning of short stories with prompts given at the Headwaters Writers’ Guild meetings. She definitely writes in flow, possibly because she writes on a consistent basis.

For me, poetry sometimes arrives without any effort on my part. That’s when I rejoice. My creativity flows when I remember to write with passion and from my heart. I swear it frees the writer within me.

Whenever I become discouraged and have writer’s block, I remember van Gogh, who painted from his heart and soul, and he recognized that creativity is its own reward.

Eric Maisel, author of Coaching the Artist Within, suggests that we must coach ourselves to become the artist or writer of our dreams. Change your thoughts – change your creative life.

I’m infatuated with words, and I even doodle words. I adore journaling, seeing the blank space fill up with uninvited words.

It’s not easy being a writer. Doubt is always present, along with fear.  But I hunger for a creative life. I write for the joy of it and how it fascinates and excites me at the same time. I want to say that I lived and to record my perspective on life.

Maisel also suggests that creative individuals should write out life-mission statements. How could I have forgotten that I am the author of my life, or that I assign my life’s purpose, and my life unfolds according to my commands or the choices that I’ve made?

All this time, I waited for the Universe to tell me my life’s purpose when I should have told the Universe.

I wrote this piece in September 2008. It flowed in my journal. Even when I channel some of my writing, I still need to edit.

Written by Nancy Rorke, posted by Mary Patricia Bird