Sunday, November 17, 2013

From November 17th prompts by Mary Patricia Bird

Prompt #4 Write a letter to Santa since Christmas is coming.

Dear Santa,

I write this in hopes that you will be coming to our house this year but I have a sneaking suspicion that you may pass us by. There are not very many individuals deserving of your gifts. But, perhaps my Christmas requests will change your mind. These requests are not just for me but for all the members of my family, though I would probably benefit the most.

Do you happen to have in that big, red sack of yours some chutzpah for my husband? He is oblivious to what goes on and lacks the emotions to react to situations.

I could use a housekeeper, especially a cook. I can't seem to produce meals that my family will eat or my stomach will digest.

Do you have a de-clutter fairy? Our home is so full of junk that it is probably the cause of all the bad feng shui. Or maybe we have mould.

Suzie needs a saw to remove the chip on her shoulder. Perhaps you have some Scentsy candle wax that will permeate her room with an overwhelming feeling of love.

Don't get me wrong, she is a lovely girl most of the time. She just needs an attitude adjustment. Do they make contraptions for that? Perhaps there is a way to remove that high horse she seems to be gallivanting around on? Did you give her that for Christmas a previous year?

Beth needs nothing. Show her that. She does not need another piece of Under Armour clothing. Is there such a thing as you taking instead of giving? Honestly, her bedroom door won't stay open for all the hoodies hanging on the back. Transport that child to a third world country so she can see how a person can have too much. She has a wonderful heart. I'm sure she would be moved by the sight of half-naked children digging through garbage for food. Then maybe she would stop eating me out of house and home.

Back to me. You know, if a full-time housekeeper, or even secretary, is a tall order, then a one-way ticket to Hawaii would suit me just fine.

Thank you for reading my letter, Santa. I'll leave you some milk and cookies if you leave the coal at home.

Mary Patricia Bird, November 17, 2013

From November 17th Writing Prompt by Jayne E. Self

From Prompt #2 - Write each letter of the word "WRITING" on its own line and use each letter as the start of another word to write an acrostic poem. The poem should detail how you feel about writing (using the word "WRITINGS").

Wonder, the well-springing source of beginnings,
Reason and logic defining my path driven by
Instinct I turn and I question
Thoughts, fears and doubts. Have I courage to last? Searching for 
Insight, searching for wisdom
Needing alone time for respite and rest,
Growth and improvement. Each draft and revision brings
Satisfaction, firm ground 'neath my steps.

Jayne E. Self, November 17, 2013

From November 17th Prompt from Sonja Wolter

From Prompt #2 - Write each letter of the word "WRITING" on its own line and use each letter as the start of another word to write an acrostic poem. The poem should detail how you feel about writing.

Winged beings fly into my mind and
Rest on passive thoughts
Inviting me to write of
Timeless forgotten worlds
Imagination awakens
Never to sleep again as
Gabriel looks over my shoulder.

Sonja Wolter, November 17, 2013

HWG Meeting November 17, 2013

Marilyn shared two more books she recently published for her clients:

Both are currently available on Amazon.

Nancy suggested a letter be written to The Orangeville Banner newspaper to praise the Orangeville Public Library for the Richard Scarsbrook series of Round Table workshops in hopes the library will keep up with these kinds of programs. Nancy will prepare a draft of this letter.

Writing Prompts:

1. Look at the image supplied (on the leader's laptop). It was painted by a fantasy artist by the name of Nick Deligaris (go to if you want to see more of his artwork). Write a personal diary entry for one of the characters in the picture.

2. Write each letter of the word "WRITING" on its own line and use each letter as the start of another word to write an acrostic poem. The poem should detail how you feel about writing.

3. Pick an event of personal significance that happened to you recently. Write an article about it that would be suitable for a newspaper.

4. Write a letter to Santa since Christmas is coming.

5. Pretend you're putting together a time capsule for the purpose of imparting wisdom to future generations. Write a paragraph or two about something you learned that you'd like them to know.

The following two writing prompts are courtesy of

6. Try beginning at the end for a change! Write the final scene in a climactic ending to your story.

7. Take a piece of writing you have already started but have abandoned unfinished for whatever reason. Introduce a completely unexpected plot twist at the point where you stopped writing. For example: the home of your main character gets invaded by aliens, or someone gets a phone call from a serial killer. See where it takes you.

The next meeting takes place on Sunday, December 1st. Nancy will be leading. This is the last official meeting of the year.

The Christmas Luncheon will take place on Sunday, December 15th at noon at the Happiness Buffet in Orangeville (please check your email for details).

Monday, November 4, 2013

Anne Lamott on Writing

In your opinion, why is order and discipline essential elements in life?

Discipline has always been the path to freedom for me as an artist. I can't just wait around for inspiration. I never really feel like writing, but in 35 years I have established the habit of being strict and firm with myself. I get my work done, rain or shine.

And all the people who have lives I admire--for their commitment to meaningful work, and the ability to have joy and radical playfulness and a sense of having both a strong center and an expansiveness--well, all these people practice a spiritual path. They tend to have a spiritual community in which they are regular members, a meditation practice, certain rituals they adhere to, scripture to which they regularly turn etc. And I have witnessed my whole life that those practices lead to a sense of freedom.
So I adopted that way of life too.

To read the whole interview go to: