Sunday, September 9, 2018

Meeting Sunday, September 9 2018

Patricia, hurry up and get well!!
We had a small but fun group and a lively discussion today about aging after Clare read from his "document" called "Growing Old is Not for Wimps."

Our items of business were the long list of upcoming events:

Coffee, Conversations & Books Author Event – Diane Bator
September 19, 2018, 7pm-8pm   Jelly Café, Shelburne 

Local self-published author Diane Bator rekindled her passion for writing in 2007 when she joined Dufferin County’s foremost writing group, the Headwaters Writers’ Guild. She has written assorted short stories, murder mysteries, and YA novellas. Her first murder mystery, Murder on Manitou, was published after winning a writing contest in 2010. In 2016, Diane was nominated to be an Established Artist of the Year at Orangeville’s Celebration of the Arts. 

To register for Coffee, Conversation and Books email Jade Noble: This month's venue is the Jelly Craft Bakery in Shelburne. Refreshments provided.

Writer’s Craft with Marilyn Kleiber: Creating Great Characters

September 22, 2018, 10:00am - 3:00pm | Orangeville Public Library
Join creative writing instructor Marilyn Kleiber for a full day workshop where you will learn how to research for and build characters in your writing, using dialogue to make them come alive. Does your character deserve first person or third person presentation? Will you present your character in the present, or the past tense? Answer these questions and more.

Pre-registration required. Please email or call 519-941-0610 ext. 5230 to reserve your spot today. A 30-minute lunch break will be provided.

Fall Workshop dates:
Saturday, Sept 22 - there is a waiting list!!
Saturday, October 27 - Self Editing like a Professional - 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. only a few spots left!
Saturday, November 24 - Self-Publishing - 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  only a few spots left!

Eramosa Eden Writers’ Retreat
September 23, 2018, 9:00am - 4:00pm    Eramosa Eden
Bring your own lunch.
Cost: $20 donation is appreciated to cover costs.
Check in is at 9am then writing until noon. After a lunch break, we will continue with private writing or you can meet with a small group for feedback on a short piece, that you either bring with you or have written that morning. The day usually winds up around 4pm.

To register:  Email Gloria Nye at

Brampton Artists Festival
Saturday, October 13, from 10am - 4pm
30 Peel Centre Drive (Next to Bramalea City Centre, Bramalea Retirement Residence)
Join us for The ARTISTS Festival - a cultural intersection where the residents and the general public can meet artists from the local and GTA arts and culture scene.  Celebrate the creative arts, enjoy performances, and discover artistic treasures in over 30 displays; a select marketplace showcased within an elegant atrium venue. ​Stay for the day, enjoy performances and displays, book a tour of the Bramalea Retirement Residence at the festival for five free raffle tickets towards the Prize Packages.    **Marilyn offered to cover the cost of the table and asked if other group members with published work would like to share. Patricia sent around the email with the forms to be submitted if you do. Please let Marilyn know as well.     

Don had some great items for us to use as writing prompts:  a kit for assembling violins, a coin collection, a statue of a water carrier, a very cool telescopic camera from days gone by, and a jug from Hudson's Bay.
We came up with some very intriguing stories!
Upcoming Writing Meetings
September 23, October 14 and 28 @ 1:3opm 
New members are welcome to join.


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Hey literary friends. Two events to put on your literary calendar. Sunday Sept 9th, I'll be at the Eden Mills Writers festival selling advance copies of my new book MALWARE (an audio bonus to anyone who purchases a copy at the festival). It's a great fest, and now in (I think) it's 30th year. And not far away (close to Guelph). Maybe some of you will be there, anyways, selling your books? Hope to see you there, in any case. Drag other people with you to the festival. That's how it grows!

Then, as shown in the poster, I'll be reprising a double book launch with my poetic friend Richard Yves-Sitoski. We'll be reading from our books, answering questions, offering up some food and bevvies and a chance to hobnob with the gliterati! Mark on your calendar Tuesday, September 25th, 7 pm at Maggiolly's Arts Supplies. It will be a fun-filled evening, guaranteed. And it's free! Yeehaw!

Finally, I tried something I've never done before, which is to create a book trailer. So here is a trailer I created for my new novella, MALWARE. Just to wet your whistle:

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Meeting Minutes August 12, 2018

Clare opened the meeting with a Treasurer’s Report noting that the Guild account is low and that more funds are needed in order to meet the cost of our website.

Clare mentioned the Authors in the Hills of Mulmur event taking place Sunday August 19th, 2018 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. for anyone interested in attending. Tickets can be obtained at BookLore or the Shelburne Library for $35 which includes refreshments.

Reminder that Marilyn Kleiber’s workshops at the Orangeville Library will be on September 22nd, October 27th and November 24th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and that all members should try to attend at least one of the workshops as this is part of our agreement with the Orangeville Library.

It was reiterated that, after the workshop on November 24th there will be a seasonal potluck social to mark the end of the meeting year and that any attendees of the workshop, as well as the members of the writing group, would be welcomed to attend. Coffee, tea and water will be provided by the library and members are encouraged to bring fruit trays, baked goods, and assorted finger foods.

Please refer to the July 15th meeting minutes for previous discussion.

Clare brought a number of limerick books to the meeting and handed out copies of six various limericks. 

A worksheet with partially written limericks was also included and the group worked on completing the limericks together.

The prompts included:

Don Boles liked to write and fish
But telling a tail was his one great wish …..

Okay here’s the poop
Nancy founded the Headwaters Writers’ Group
Members scribbled and swore…

Judy was a poet
But you’d never know it
Cause none of her verses would rhyme…

Sonja once wrote a short story
That some writers thought was too gory…

There was an old woman who swallowed a fly
But I don’t know why…

Virgina gave her own beginning for a limerick which the group helped to complete

A critic once said of my art
I don’t get the hang of this part…

A couple of the completed limericks are as follows:

Don Boles liked to fish and write
His stories gave kids such a fright
Telling a tale
Of a monstrous whale
No one could sleep through the night

If someone should ask you the scoop
Nancy founded a writing group
Members scribbled and swore
Dropping pens on the floor
To get in the publishing loop

There were many variations on the same beginnings as shown in the example below.

If someone should ask you the scoop
Nancy founded the Headwaters group
Members scribbled and swore
Scratched it out and wrote more
Because no one was content with poop

Our next meeting will be on Sunday September 9th with Don scheduled to lead.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Summertime Adventures

I keep falling off the grid as far as my blog is concerned.
Life, you know! Vacation, family visiting, and sunshine, oh my!

I finally took a week off work to take my  youngest on a vacation with my brother and his wife. Fun week full of wineries and sight-seeing. I learned a lot about wine tasting. I even rode a bike for the first time in years, which prompted me to get a friend to help me pull mine out of the weeds and get it ready to ride. More adventures for the summer.

That same friend also brought me a small barbecue. I've missed having one but just never found the time or inclination to get one. I've had it two days and have already put it to good use. With the long weekend coming...that little barbecue will see a lot of action. Less take-out and more cooking!

I've also become motivated to work on The Painted Lady (Book 4 of my Wild Blue Mysteries) and dust off my original novella Murder on Manitou in order to republish it one day soon. Working on both of those have become my mission for the summer.

With summer half over, I have a lot of work to do!
My first Gilda Wright novel (originally Can't Keep a Brunette Down) has been republished by Books We Love Ltd as DEAD WITHOUT HONOR and is available on Amazon as well as other sites.
Hardheaded Brunette will be published later this summer as DEAD WITHOUT GLORY.
Life is Better Brunette will come out this fall as DEAD WITHOUT PRIDE.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and news!


Sunday, July 15, 2018

July 15, 2018, Headwaters Writers' Guild Meeting

As part of our commitment to our partnership with the Orangeville Public Library, Marilyn Kleiber will be holding three full day creative writing workshops free to the public. These workshops take place from 10am-3pm on 3 Saturdays. They are September 22nd - Creating Great Characters; October 27th - Save $ By Editing Like a Pro; and November 24th - How to Self Publish. We hope and expect group members will attend one or more of these workshops.

Upon reviewing the workshop dates Patricia realized that the third workshop is scheduled on the date we were to have our Christmas Luncheon. Alternative ideas were brought up at the last meeting. Patricia followed up with Nancy and the library. A decision has been made that as a finale to the workshop series, a Christmas Social will be held following the November 24th workshop. Members of the Headwaters Writers' Guild will bring refreshments (cookies, cupcakes, fruit tray, etc.). Attendees of the workshop are invited to join the social. As members of the Headwaters Writers' Guild are expected to attend these workshops, if they are UNABLE to attend but can attend the after-social, they can do so. Any member of HWG must bring some sort of food or non-alcoholic beverage item to share. Coffee and tea will be available throughout the course of the day during the workshops. The workshops end at 3pm, the library closes at 5pm. This Christmas Social will be included in the library's advertising of the workshops. Please note that this is replacing our previous Christmas Luncheon format.

Writing Prompts

1. We are all strangers, somewhere...

2. The tavern was a place she would never have gone into, but she needed to use the washroom...

3. She awakened to the sound of a child crying, and remembering the day she lost Tommy, she hastily dressed, grabbed a flashlight and headed into the woods...

4. She tried to subdue the panic she was feeling as she stepped on to the ___________

5. The world of the cancer patient was going to be a new journey for her.

6. Her dreams of teaching hadn't included Bobby Fairchild and his brat pack.

7. When the doorbell rang at 2am that morning she was confronted by two officers who wanted to know the whereabouts of her son....

8. The package that had been stuffed in her mailbox contained an antique locket, and a note saying "If you are Ellen Jamison, meet me in the tea room at the Shelton Arms hotel at three this afternoon".

9. They just wanted to scare the kid a bit, they hadn't meant to hurt him.

10. "Mr. Cranford", said the social worker, "this young woman claims to be your daughter."

11. Diving into the psychological life and motivations of the characters in the play proved to be just the challenge she dreamed of.

12. At the age of three, their son Carter began to speak of another life he had lived in the country of __________ during a time of some war, and he said his name was ___________.

13. She fainted during the heat wave and when she awoke she was in a strange building...

14. Write of a time in your life when you found yourself in a very unfamiliar situation or place, and how it shaped your life at the time.

Next Meeting:
Sunday, August 12th, 1:30pm
Clare is scheduled to lead.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

My First Writing Prompt Post

This is a response to a prompt from the meeting on July 16, 2017, though I have not been able to type it up until now. I have been asked to share it, so I hope readers find this enjoyable.

The prompt was: What do you think goes through a dog’s mind when he goes along peeing on every telephone poll and hedge he can find.

Doggy Domain

I can smell them. Their acrid odour fills my nostrils. Those haggard, flea-bitten, yowling racks of fur have invaded my yard again. There in the flower bed they have left their work. Burying it does squat. I got whiffs of their business from the other side of my doggy door. But the lily bush! Oh, the poor lily bush. It’s been sprayed top to bottom, and the vandal could not stop. He scratched up the fencepost before marking it as well!

No! I won’t let that stand! This is my space, and I am going to make sure every creature on the street knows it! First to the edge of the porch, right by the stairs. I’ll drench it good there. Then to the lilies. I’ll freshen them up myself. Now to the tree. So many passing by have left their calling card, but they need to know the tree is mine. The fencepost? Mine. The rusty fire hydrant? Also, mine, and no one else’s.

I have covered my own domain, but I need to expand. I circle the fence and up the neighboring driveway. There I see shoes. Now my shoes. A skateboard. My skateboard. The giant truck on the pavement sits there as well. I can’t use it, but it’s mine now anyway. Ah wait, I see you now, you mangy, poor excuse for a feline. Get over here! That large white coat of yours, I say its mine! So, stay still already! You want to hide in the tree, eh? Well, that girl is not running away. I’ll just come over to her and, yep, she’s mine too.

Oh, now there is a lady coming this way. She is not standing still at all. I’ll run into my zone. Hey, wait, she can’t go near that truck. That’s my truck! And those shoes! Also mine! Now you don’t want them. Fine. Put them back! Good, now, hey! Stay in your yard! This is my yard! That fence is mine! The tree is mine!  The lily bush is mine! The porch is mine! Get off it! What are you knocking on the door for? The inside of the house is mine too!

Oh Billy! Billy! Tell this strange lady to go away. This is my yard. What is she pointing at? I can’t mark anything that high. I mean look at me. Wait. I have to go inside? But I only just got started! I’m not done yet! Those cats will cover all my hard work the moment they come out of hiding. No. Not yet. I know. I’ll take the fight to them! Yes, there it is. Their fountain right in front of the window. I’ll saddle up here and mission accomplished! The dog rules the day! And now, wait, put me down! Billy! Stop it! I’m being puppy-handled! Stop! Billy!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Sunday, June 10, 2018, Meeting Notes

We had 3 new writers join us. It is great to see our family growing.

Katie is preparing to self-publish her fantasy novella and is in search of someone to design her cover. A couple of ideas were offered to her.

Patricia reported that the library has now added the HWG meetings to their digital display screen in the lobby. Patricia stayed after the meeting to see the Headwaters Writers' Guild logo along with the date of the "next meeting".

As part of our commitment to our partnership with the Orangeville Public Library, Marilyn Kleiber will be holding three full day creative writing workshops free to the public. These workshops take place from 10am-3pm on 3 Saturdays. They are September 22nd - Creating Great Characters; October 27th - Save $ By Editing Like a Pro; and November 24th - How to Self Publish. We hope and expect group members will attend one or more of these workshops.

Last fall the Library provided the group with information regarding their new Biblioboard online tools for writers. They would like to meet with our group. As there was a switch in leaders this week, we are proposing this meeting take place at our regularly scheduled group meeting on Sunday, September 23rd. As we are unclear as to what this new program entails, everyone is encouraged to attend if possible.

Prompts as provided by Virginia.

Select one or two from each [category]. I have tried to keep most categories as open as possible. Feel free to create a non-human character such as an elf, angel, demon, etc., and to substitute anything in any category.

Need to make a decision
Change of Plans

Goal/Object of Desire
Material Object
Another person

Opposed By
Internal Flaw
Another person
Personal Emotion
Infirmity (mental or physical)
A group

Game venue
Place of business
Outer space
Foreign Country

Assisted By
Special ability
High intelligence
A person
An animal
A book
Special knowledge

Please feel free to share your writing here.

Next Meeting: Sunday, June 24th.
June is scheduled to Lead