Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Few Lines from The Bookstore Lady

Looking for a fun read? Check out A Few Lines from The Bookstore Lady...
When the hunched over, balding pharmacist next door called out, “Good morning, Katie,” her hand flinched and her heart raced. It took her nearly a full minute to remember she’d been Katie Mullins for two months and she’d better answer before he got offended.

“Hi.” She nodded.

The drugstore opened at eight every morning and it was now quarter to ten. Must have been a slow morning if he had time to stand in the doorway with a large cup of coffee rather than hanging out behind the back counter. “You’d best convince Ray to get some air-conditioning for that store before your new books curl up and warp. It’s beyond me how he’s never lost half his books every summer.”

“Dust absorbs the humidity.” She smiled wryly. “I don’t think we can afford air-conditioning this year.”

“I know a guy who’ll give you a quote. He’s not bad looking once you get past the bug eyes and scars. I can call him, if you’d like.”

“Maybe some other time.” Like when hell froze over.

He waved and went back into the drugstore.

Katie drew in a deep breath. The air was fresh from last night’s rain and the hint of a breeze mussed her hair. In two months, the only thing to find her was the sunshine and a case of withdrawals that made renovations hell. Nate, bless his heart, had had more compassion while she fought “the flu” than any man she’d ever met.

She blew a strand of stray copper hair out of her mouth and jiggled the door lock. Another thing that needed to be fixed before winter. She should have done it during renovations, but it hadn’t seemed as important as books and workmen. Luckily, Nate worked cheap and she hadn’t had to dig into the money from Dunnsforth. The money was tucked up in a box in the backroom, fastened with half a roll of duct tape. She’d ask him to fix the lock when he delivered her order later.

The door opened with a groan. “It’s about time.”

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Richard Scarsbrook Double Book Launch

 The Orangeville Public Library invites you to celebrate the launch of Richard Scarsbrook’s two new books. 

Author Richard Scarsbrook Double Book Launch

Come and celebrate with award-winning Canadian author Richard Scarsbrook as he launches Nothing Man and the Purple Zero,his funny and thought-provoking new novel, and Six Weeks, his first book of prize winning poetry.

Richard Scarsbrook has won numerous awards for his stories and poetry, including the Ontario Library Association's 2011 White Pine Award for his novel, The Monkeyface Chronicles.

Scarsbrook makes his home in Toronto, Ontario, where he teaches creative writing courses at Humber College and George Brown College. He also plays and sings with various rock bands, and has performed at The Rivoli, The Guverment, Healey's Roadhouse, The Opera House, The Tattoo Rock Parlour, The Royal York Hotel, The Hard Rock Cafe and The Black Swan (all in Toronto), The Hard Rock Cafe and The Liquor Store Bar in Ottawa, and The Just For Laughs Studio in Montreal.

No registration is required. Everyone is welcome. Light refreshments will be provided.

  • Date: Monday, September 23, 2013
  • Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm
  • Location: Mill Street Branch

Monday, September 9, 2013

September 8, 2013 Meeting

The following announcements were made:

June's two books Kindred and Death Spiral are currently available in e-book on Amazon. Unfortunately I was unable to find Death Spiral at this time.

Diane announced that her latest novel The Bookstore Lady will be available for free on Kindle from September 12th-14th. This can be purchased through our bookstore here: I am not sure whether you can get the freebie during the 12th-14th through our Amazon store or whether you have to go directly to Amazon.

Marilyn announced that a short story she wrote has been short listed to the final five in the Alice Munro Short Story Contest, adult division.

Sonja advised that the Orangeville Public Library has some of our writers' books on their shelves:  Death of a Highland Heavyweight by Jayne Self, Short Tales from a Tall Person by Marilyn Kleiber, and A Softness in the Eyes by Harry Posner.

Please support our writers by posting reviews on Amazon and any other websites where you may post book reviews.

A reminder that Richard Scarsbrook returns to the Orangeville Public Library September 9th, October 7th and November 4th for a Creative Writing Roundtable Series from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Due to a field trip to Theatre Orangeville for a table reading of "Near Mrs." on Sunday, September 22nd at 3:00pm, there will be no meeting on September 22nd. If you plan to attend the event you must arrive well early in order to get a seat.

Writing Prompts provided by Diane (via Writer's Digest)

1. She looked out the window only to see a face staring right back at her...

2. A fortune teller at the local county fair tells you two things: something good that will happen and something awful that will happen.

3. "Every day of the week I ______________, but Sundays are different. On Sundays ____________"

4. Your kids love watching CSI, so you buy them a forsenic starter's kit for Christmas. They begin running simple, fake experiments, collecting DNA, and dusting for fingerprints around the house. When you look at all of the powder and prints they pull, you find there are more fingerprints there than just you and your family's.

5. On your way into work, you look at the car on the left. Inside are two men dressed in dark suits, wearing sunglasses. They simultaneously look at you and meet your gaze. The one in the passenger seat rolls down his window and says something. Write what he says, and what happens next.

"I write because I'm afraid to say some things out loud." - Gordon Atkinson,

Our next meeting will be on Sunday, October 6th, at 1:30pm. Jayne is scheduled to lead.

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Rubber Brothers in Guelph

Hi all.  Jeremy Grant and I (The Rubber Brothers) will be performing our percussion/poetry schtuff tomorrow night in Guelph at 515 Woolwich Ave. (it's a residence), 7-11 pm. $10 by donation.  Hope to see y'all there.  Cheers.