Monday, August 29, 2011

This is my first attempt ever to post to a blog and I hope it works! To satisfy Diane's curiosity: I decided to call my short story "Revelation" after the meeting yesterday....Danielle

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meeting Minutes August 28, 2011

Fall is around the corner, which means I'm back! Miss me?
We had a small meeting today, but lots of interesting things to discuss and see.
Marilyn led today's meeting and we had a new member. Derek is Danielle's husband who, like all of us, writes little bits here and there and wants to put them all together.

The News:

Pat reminded us that the proof of the anthology needs final edits before being sent back to Gloria. The book was passed around the room and everyone made notes.

Shirley informed us that our website has been taken down and, in her efforts to reinstate it, she discovered that the domain name has been purchased by a US business who kindly refused to resell it. Since she already uses Net Firms for her own website, she says she will be willing to host our new site and maintain it so it will cost less. In turn, we will give her an honorarium to cover some of the cost.
She will create a new domain name for us and buy it (approximately $10 per year) so it will be easier in the future for us to make changes in who takes care of the site. Marilyn recommended going through to register it so it will cost less. Shirley will let us know what name she gets for us. It will be a variation on Headwaters Writers' Guild.
Once our new website is under construction, we will add whichever authors want to be on it, provide bios for each and post the meeting schedule. We will also post links to associated webpages, facebook pages, twitter accounts, Linked In accounts, etc.

Nancy handed out information for two upcoming courses.
1) a memoir writing course on October 25, 2011 by Nora Savage at the Orangeville Public Library downtown. The cost is $25 for the full day, 10:30am - 4:30pm. To register, call Frances MacFarlane at 519-925-1456. There is a maximum of 40 people and lunch will be provided.
2) Creative Writing course offered every Wednesday from Oct 5-Nov 16 at 7-10pm. The course is based on the book "The Artist's Way." It is led by Kelly Surtees and the cost is $90. To register, call The Learning Enterprise at 519-941-2661.
3) Life Story Writing by instructor Susan Walley Monday nights from Sept 26-April 30. The cost is $65 and classes are from 7-8:30pm. Several members of the HWG have already taken this course and enjoyed it immensely! To register, call The Learning Enterprise at 519-941-2661.


Pat shared her video and pictures from when she and her daughter did the Edge Walk at the CN Tower. We all decided she's braver than the rest of us! The cost of the Edge Walk is $175 which gives access to all the Tower has to offer. It also includes: pictures and a DVD.
Clare: "Why did you do it?"
Pat: "Why not? One day I want to jump out of a plane, this seemed like a good step in the right direction."
Nancy: "Writers need courage. She exhibited courage."
No disagreeing with that! She left us early to attend soccer.

Marilyn also had a video to show us. The challenge was to create a movie using shadows, it was called "Shadow Challenge." Hers was about "The Shadow of Her Smile." Well done, Marilyn and friends!

Danielle read a short story she wrote for a short story contest I'd sent to the group. It was 1495 words, just under the wordcount. She normally writes Fantasy and this certainly qualified! Great job on the story, but she needed a title. Some suggestions: "The Writer", "A Thought", "Creation"   We can't wait to see what she chooses.

The Prompts:

There's a lot of them and they're all CURSES!
1) May you live in interesting times.
2) May the bluebird of happiness fly up your nose.
3) May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.
4) May you be trapped in an elevator for four hours with a man who has just consumed four pickled eggs and four pints of beer.
5) May dogs laugh at your funeral.
6) May you find underpants in your lover's glove compartment that do not belong to you.
7) May your mother bite you when you return home to your kennel.
8) May all your drinking cups be riddled with holes.
9) May four thousand elephants caress you with their toes.
10) May your thumb be a nail for your hammer.
11) May your e-mail consist of chain letters.
12) May the birds of the air make deposits on your head.
13) May the dust bunnies under your bed be gremlins.
14) May you live next door to a guano factory.
15) May your attic be a home for vampire bats.
16) May the number on your house be 667.
17) May the lover of your dreams morph into a blow-up doll.
18) May your fairy godmother turn your car into an Edsel.
19) May you be loved by seven dwarves and be forced to eat apples the rest of your life.
20) May fat little cherubs pelt you with spent arrows and broken hearts.

Shirley had to leave before reading hers.
Clare had chosen #4 about pickled eggs and beer and an elevator clawing it's way back up the cable. Well done!
Diane (me) wrote more of a novel-in-progress.
Nancy scowled and asked, "I have to go after that?" She used #1 and as many cliches as she could cram in!
Derek chose to pass.
Danielle used #6 about a veteranarian, a dog and a thong...
Marilyn used #13 and had some creepy little gremlin dust bunnies! A taste of horror!
Ashley made up her own curse and did some work on her novel-in-progress as well.

Next Meeting:

Sunday, Sept 11  Leader: Diane
Sunday, Sept 25  Leader: Judy
Sunday, Oct 16   Leader: ?
Sunday, Oct 30   Leader: Jayne
Sunday, Nov 13  Leader: ?
Sunday, Nov 27  Leader: Nancy
Sunday, December 11 is our Christmas Luncheon. Details to be announced.

Keep on Writing!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Armchairs & Authors 2011

Guess who's coming to town. Linwood Barclay!

Friday, September 30th, 7-10pm, Armchairs, Authors & Art will take place at SGI Canada, 20490 Porterfield Road, Alton. Tickets are $25 available at BookLore.

This year's authors are as follows:

Linwood Barclay, author of his newest novel "The Accident", a mesmerizing thriller packed with unexpected twists and superb characters. Barclay used to be a columnist for the Toronto Star. I have read one of his books and am anxious to read more.

Trevor Cole, author of "Practical Jean" and winner of the 2011 Leacock Award for humour, a dark comedy that throws light on the power of middle age friendship. Also sounds like a good read.

Camilla Gibb, author of "The Beauty of Humanity Movement", also the Trillium Award Winner "Sweetness in the Belly." "The Beauty of Humanity" is a novel set in contemporary Vietnam - a country undergoing momentous change.

Moderator is Nicola Ross. Refreshments provided by Silver Thyme, The Wine Coaches and Mill St. Brewery. The authors' books will be on sale tax free.

To learn more about this event and other happenings during the Headwaters Arts Festival check the website at