Wednesday, March 24, 2010


While I was going through my old journals, I came across The Censor. It reminded me of Judy’s excellent piece, The Voice, although this is about the censor who contaminates our confidence in our writing ability.

July 4, 2010

I want to hold back the censor from spewing hateful words. I clutch a knife to his throat. “Do not say a word,” I caution, “or I shall slit your throat.”

I watch as the blood pours onto my page. The censor’s words echo in my mind. “You have no talent. Why did you think that you could write? You call that writing?”

I won’t care for the moment, as my censor lies dead across my floor unbidden like a dog with fleas. I have killed him if only for a short while as words pour onto the page.

Once the censor arrives, sometimes I acquire writers’ block and I’m unable to write. I think this should be called a creative block instead. As most creative people sometimes find it difficult to create when negative thoughts run rampant.

In the hundreds of books that I've read on writing, one of them suggests that we should also create a sweetheart. We should play back in our minds, all the good things teachers, creative and non-creative friends have said about our creative endeavours. Oh, dare I say it; we should make up complimentary comments about our work.

When the censor arrives unbidden like a dog with fleas, we should discount him and override him with positive messages about our creativity.

When I showed my youngest daughter, my story, Heavenly Encounters, that was published in Stories of Prayers and Faith, she was not complimentary. “Oh it’s by Gloria. That’s why it was published.”

I dismissed her comment. My sweetheart artist/writer daughter, Carrie was impressed not necessarily with my story but with the cover of the book.

Since I’ve become a writer, I have a new respect for writers, as I know how much it takes to actually write the piece.

If you’re having trouble with writers’ block, why not compliment yourself? Or better yet, print off any compliments you might have received re your writing.

Thanks Richard, I appreciated your comment on our Blog re The Writers’ Job. In fact, I’ve printed it off and put it in my compliment file.

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