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Meeting Minutes June 11, 2017

We announced the opportunity to participate in a half hour Sunday radio program with 91.7 Erin Radio, , dedicated to local writers starting in July.

Anyone interested should contact Phil Taylor, who contacted the Headwaters Writers' Guild directly. A reading and possible interview would be pre-recorded for airing at the show's scheduled time. You do not need to be published. Poetry, short stories, part of a novel, memoir or children's stories are welcome. You may not want to be interviewed, just read from your work. Alternatively, you may not like the sound of your reading voice and can have someone else do the reading for you.

In the case of poetry, a discussion regarding the nature of the poem(s) would be the best way to record this. If two poems are read, there could be a brief music break in between.

Contact Phil Taylor at 905-875-8348. This is a cell phone. He will accept text messages. Or you can contact him via email at


Don suggested we use a timer for reading our work to the group so that everyone has a chance to read their work and to ensure we don't run out of time to do the writing exercises.

We will look into doing this for larger groups and Don is willing to bring in a timer for us.


Diane, Don and Nicky read from their current works in progress


Thanks to Diane for compiling the lengthly and highly detailed information from the Saturday June 10th Workshop with Nora Zylstra-Savage and to Patricia for posting the information and pictures. Well done ladies!


Here are the prompts from the meeting:

Headwaters Writers’ Guild
June 11, 2017
Family Matters

Family – set of parents and children or of relatives; person’s children; members of household; all descendants of one lineage; group of kindred peoples; related objects; group of allied genera of animals or plants
                Oxford Dictionary 1984

Write an essay on what your definition of family is.


Choose one of the prompts below relating to family connections and relationships.

1.       I always think of my mother when…

2.       I never knew how much I was like my father until…

3.       It was a shock to find out that my best friend was the father/mother of my adopted child.

4.       I always had to smile when I saw the plaque that hung above the toilet in Uncle Bob’s cabin. “Home is where the fart is.”

5.       When I’d sent out the DNA kit to Ancestry Inc., I never imagined the results I would see.

6.       I thought that when I married him/her I’d finally be part of a loving family.

7.       Sometimes the best family members aren’t human.

8.       If a family is like a tree, then there are some branches that should just be cut off.

9.       My sister/brother was my best friend and worst enemy all rolled into one.

10.   When my brother/sister suggested that we’d be better off without our parents, I thought he/she/ was just on one of his/her tirades again.


Our next meeting will be Sunday June 25th at 1:30 p.m.  Clare is scheduled to lead.

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Great prompts, Sonja. Wish I had been there. Great post too. Thank you!