Monday, February 10, 2014

February 9, 2014, Meeting

Look what I have!

The Bookstore Lady by Diane Bator, now available at BookLore in Orangeville.

As usual we started the meeting asking if anyone had anything to read. Caitlin explained that she has a short story to write for an anthology but is finding every excuse not to work on it. She feels the subject of erotica is holding her back. This started a discussion on how to motivate yourself to write. The following suggestions were made:

- Judy says when she is tired and starts writing it energizes her.

- Another suggestion was to dedicate an hour first thing in the morning to write. Get it done and then it's done.

- Have an email buddy to hold you accountable.

- Patricia said she needs someone standing over her with a whip. Clare volunteered. She declined.

Jayne was leading this week and she grabbed a bunch of books off the shelves in the church's library and placed them on the table. Everyone took a book and used either the title, cover picture, author's name or even a line from inside the book to use as their writing prompt.

I urge those in attendance to publish their results here. I will be doing so, in its rough form.

Our next meeting is Sunday, February 23rd. Judy will be leading.

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