Friday, November 16, 2012

Ray Wiseman Editing Workshops

Finally, I have an almost free day, before the merry season begins. My husband's family is celebrating Christmas on December 1. The older relativees (that includes me) rent a hall and we're expecting approximately 50 people. And if I don't make a post today, it isn't going to happen.

I swear (and you all know I do) I've tried a couple of times to blog, but it took a long time to upload the photos, and I gave up. Time is precious but especially if you're squeezing in time to write.

Ray Wiseman workshops happened on October 14 and 28, 2012.

He certainly is a good speaker and story teller and the workshop was not only informative but fun.

How exactly do you set up your manuscript? Do you write in Canadian or American? How do you begin to edit? All these questions and more Ray answered.

But I thought the most important thing he said is that all writers need an editor. How profound. I would have loved for somebody to tell me this when I first started writing. It took me years to recover from people critiquing my writing. Much later, I realized that it's just part of the writing process.

I agree with him that you want to develop a good relationship with your editor. I want somebody who doesn't make me feel stupid, or doesn't try to change my voice. But the most important thing for me, is that I am comfortable with my editor. Thanks Laura.

At the two workshops, we had writers of all ages, the youngest writer being thirteen.

Check out Ray Wiseman's website.

Write! Better cover

Most of the writers at the workshop purchased this excellent book.

Ray provided excellent handouts and Jayne brought drinks and baked goods for everyone.

A special thank you for Ray and for Jayne who arranged the workshops.

For some reason, the photos refuse to be uploaded the way I want them. One more time . . .or two or three . . . I give up. The program won't do what I want it to do.

Maybe, I need a lesson in how to upload photos. This is too complicated for me. I think I'll stop taking photos. And what about the blank space at the bottom. Now to spend another hour trying to figure this out. And why doesn't the final post look like my page. And is there a help section for this wretched program? You would think that I'd be able to make corrections much like Word. It's difficult to move the photos around. No wonder I don't spend time posting to the blog. I could have written another story, some poetry or something.  The big white space is driving me out of my perfectionist mind.

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