Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Apologize & I Thank You

Below are 2 emails; after attending this past weekend's HWG meet where we discussed the guidelines and cleared a lot of confusion from it, I emailed Nancy with an apology b/c I felt very bad for not acknowledging everything she has done for the group since founding it.  I also mentioned other members who work hard behind the scenes to keep things going whom I want to apologize to and thank as well.  I never stopped to think about everything that everyone does to make this group possible and FUN .... for myself ... I guess I've been taking it all for granted.
Please read the 2 emails from myself (Kelli) to Nancy:
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From: Kelli Curtis <kelli.curtis@ymail.com>
Subject: Nancy, I apologize and I Thank You
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Hi Nancy,

I feel really stupid for responding the way I did to your apology email after sitting in on the HWG meet this past weekend.  I'm so sorry.  I had no idea of all the things you do behind the scene to keep the group running as well as the tireless efforts of Pat, Diane and Clare ... and anyone else I haven't mentioned (I am still suffering from a loss of short term memory as part of one of many side effects of a medication I've been on for too long and have to be taken off of slowly ... so I apologize for my ignorance).

I love this group and thoroughly enjoy myself every time.  For some crazy reason, it never occurred to me to stop and think about all the people who make the group what it is.  I  feel guilty for that.  Until this weekend, I only knew that you founded the group, I had no idea you did a lot more. 

Thank you, Nancy for everything you do and all the hours you and everyone else puts into making the HWG the fun, amazing group it is.  Thank you.

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Hi Kelli,
Please don't feel stupid ... nobody else in the group realized what I did either. Maybe only the other members that help run the group understand. Please, don't feel bad. 
Thank you for your kind words. I treasure them. You don't know how much they mean to me.
Blessings always

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