Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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Our Friday After Hours Forum is on November 20. Let’s talk about revision – how, when, when do you stop? In our Spotlight section, check out Janet Wellington’s great article on how to analyze the romance lines to see if your book fits.

Donna answers Linda’s question about what books are best for writers.

Carmen Goldthwaite, NY Times stringer, writer of historical and travel pieces, is our guest THIS WEEK on the Post a Note board.

The First Batch of Pumpkin Prompt stories are up! Check them out.

In our Market section, check out the new ezine published by a LR graduate: The Zanier!
Suzanne offers us the Failbetter Tenth Anniversary Novella Contest.

Survival After Death, by Jo Ann Schermerhorn is available now and Tony Burton of Wolfmont Publishing offers you a 10% off Coupon for a new book on writing by writers – good until November 30.

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