Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dr. Ross Pennie

Some of us attended a wonderful workshop this past Sunday. Brian Henry spoke about writing memoirs. His guest speaker was Dr. Ross Pennie who wrote his memoirs about his experience as a doctor in New Guinea. I sent Dr. Pennie an email thanking him and sent him copies of some pictures I took. Below is his response.

Dear Pat;Many thanks for the photos. I enjoyed meeting you and the other participants very much. It was a fun afternoon for me. And a tricky drive home in the snow. But the weather cleared about half-way there. All the best to you for success in your writing. It's a wonderful journey of fellowship and self-discovery.Cheers, Ross Pennie


Laura said...

So where are the pics?!

Mary Patricia Bird said...

Shirley will be posting all pictures of the workshop on the HWG website. The pictures I sent to Dr. Pennie were one of him with Brian Henry, and one of him with the attendees.