Sunday, April 28, 2019

3rd Annual Open Mic Night

The 3rd Annual Open Mic Night took place on Tuesday, April 23rd at the Orangeville Public Library. We maxed out at 15 participants again and had a good crowd.

Dufferin County's Poet Laureate Harry Posner hosted and shared some of his poetry.

Linda Rebhan read some of her poetry

Emma Pink works at Mochaberry, a local coffee shop. "Words have the power to change lives," she said as she spoke on the coffee and words connection.

Clare McCarthy read from his latest work, "Growing Old Isn't For Wimps", a reflection on aging.

M.J. Moores read from her steampunk novel "Shadow Phoenix".

A rapt audience.

Marilyn Kleiber read from "The Healers", the second book in a series of myth/fantasy novels written under the name J.M. Tibbott. The first book is called "The Arrival". Book 3 of a possible 7 books is currently in the works.

Matt Griffin was his usual peculiar but very entertaining self. His impersonations of Jimmy Stewart and Kermit the Frog were on point.

Winston Utenbogaart read from his book of poetry "Leaves O'er Weathered Stones". We heard "From My Heartfelt Store", "By The Table Lamp" and "Dusky Evenings".

Eight-time published author of cozy mysteries, Diane Bator read from the first of her new series of Glitter Bay Mysteries, "All That Sparkles".

Dancer, choreographer, director and writer, Roland Kirouac entertained us with details of his memoir "Message From a Fool".

Andrew Welch read from his first book "The Value Crisis - from dollars to democracy, why numbers are ruining our world". He shared with us Chapter 8 - Numbering Our Days.

Healer, author and motorcycle enthusiast, Liz Jansen read from her memoir, a collection of stories, "Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment".

Jenn Crole read the poem "Current", inspired by the beauty in all things.

David Mcguinn shared his poetry on meditation and nature.

Judy Zarowny read three poems on the topic of relationships. "The Argument", "Fix Me", and "Forfeit".

Our talented group of writers!

See you next year!

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