Wednesday, January 24, 2018

My Writing Prompt Result

I wrote following from a prompt at last week's meeting (previous post). I had been urged that morning to write a story about this band I have become familiar with through live streaming. They have read the story and have given it high praise, including 90% accuracy in the story. They have given me the okay to post it here and are also posting it on their website

The Stillwinter’s House

            “It’s a pretty rundown old house,” said Ian as they wandered through the rental unit in a Southern California neighborhood.
            “But it’s cheap,” said Richie.
            They were two members of a band who thought living together would make life easier.
            “It’s three bedrooms. Obviously Gabby and Verenna can move in with us.”
            “Still, a third bedroom,” added Ian. “We need more people to help pay the rent.
            “Zoro is always couch surfing. He could join us.”
            Ian stood in the living room looking around thoughtfully. “I guess it will do if we can come up with the money.”
            “There is a basement. A great place to practice.” Richie led the way through a door and down stairs.
            “Yeah,” Ian agreed as he looked around at the sparsely finished room with wood panelling and old quilted carpeting. “This would work.”
            “Hello?” came a female voice from above.
            “We’re down here,” Ian called out.
            Gabby and Verenna, Ian and Richie’s respective girlfriends, made their way down to the proverbial rec room.
            “What do you think?” Richie asked.
            “I’m glad I’m not a member of the band and don’t ever have to come down here,” said Gabby.
            “What do you mean? This is a cool spot,” Richie gave her a puzzled look.
            “Cool is right,” Gabby agreed as she pulled her sleeves down over her hands. “Is there any heating down here?”
            Richie and Ian looked at each other. “It’s not cold down here, Gabs,” Ian said.
            “In fact it’s hot and stuffy,” Richie added.
            Ian went over to his girlfriend and put an arm around her. “You’re shivering, girl. You sure you’re not coming down with something?”
            “I find it a little chilly too,” Verenna added hugging herself.
            Richie rolled his eyes. “I guess it’s a good thing you’re not a member of the band either.”
            Verenna gave Gabby a sideways glance.
            “We went through the rest of the house,” Gabby said. “It’s fine, great, cheap. I could live here. But I’m not coming down into this basement – ever.”
            “Me neither,” Verenna agreed.
            Ian and Richie looked at each other puzzled, then back at the girls.
            “The basement suits our purposes for band rehearsal,” Ian said.
            “Good. Fine. Whatever.” Gabby started back up the stairs. Verenna was close behind her.
            “There’s more to this than it just being chilly, which it is not,” said Ian. “What’s going on Gabby?”
            She stopped half-way up the stairs and peered down at them. “The truth?”
            Richie and Ian nodded.

            “I swear I see ghosts everywhere down here. Good luck with rehearsals.” She rushed up the stairs with Verenna close behind her.

Written by Mary Patricia Bird

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