Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sunday, September 24, 2017, Meeting

A reminder that Phil Taylor at 91.7 FM Erin Radio is looking to interview local authors for his weekly radio program dedicated to local writers (published or not published). Email him at, or call or text at 905-875-8348.

Business cards are needed for the Headwaters Writers' Guild. JST Printing was recommended.

Harry Posner's last two poetry workshops take place on Sunday, October 22, and Sunday, November 25th from 1:30pm-3:30pm in the Orangeville Public Library meeting room. Please register at the library 519-941-0610.

Writing Prompts:

Viva Las Vegas!
Luck of the Draw

Pick a card from the deck of playing cards and use the corresponding prompt.

Don't like the card you picked? Roll the dice and try again. An eleven or twelve roll means you're free to choose any prompt you want.

Ace - You're in Vegas for a milestone birthday when you and your friends pass a tattoo parlour. You walk in just for a laugh and then...

Two - You're visiting The Mob Museum when suddenly the interactive display becomes a deadly game.

Three - You're visiting the Little Church of the West, a famous celebrity chapel built in 1942. When you walk in you are astonished by the ceremony taking place.

Four - You're visiting the Neon Museum at night, a two acre graveyard of the city's retired neon signs. Among all the blazing lights you spot a sign you didn't expect to see.

Five - You're playing a slot machine in the Golden Gate Casino, the first casino to ever open its doors in 1906. A man dressed in a suit and wearing a fedora approaches you. He asks you how to get out of the casino. When you turn to point towards the exit and look back again, he's gone.

Six - You're watching a magic show when your friend volunteers for a disappearing trick. When they rejoin you at the table you notice that there are two puncture marks on their neck.

Seven - You're at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum taking picture with all the "celebrities" when one of them pinches you.

Eight - You win a draw at one of the casinos and the prize is a night on the town with the celebrity of your choice - dead or alive.

Nine - You pass by an old church while taking in The Strip at night. The sound of creole jazz and laughter is coming from the open door at the side, but there are no lights on. Curious,  you convince your friend to have a look with you.

Ten or Face Card - You're staying at The Mirage hotel, a Polynesian themed hotel built in 1989 over the sites of the former Castaways and Red Rooster Nite Club. When rooms, hallways and even staff start shifting and changing you're alarmed to discover why they call it The Mirage.

We encourage you to share your results here.

Next Meeting is Sunday, October 15th.
Clare is leading

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