Monday, June 8, 2015

HWG Meeting of June 7, 2015

One of the prompts from yesterday's meeting (June 7, 2015) was to Make a list of Alphabetical Advice. Nancy, appropriately, tackled the theme of writing. This is what she came up with.


 Achieving publication takes courage, confidence, and fortitude.
Be kind but especially to beginner writers or any writers.
Creativity flows the more time you spend writing.
Don’t sabotage your creative talents by not using them.
Every creative pursuit requires effort.
Forget about grammar when you’re writing in flow.
Great writers, write.
Hesitate and some other writer will write the story you always wanted to write.
I believe everyone is creative.
Juggling three jobs won’t allow you time to write.
Knock on wood might help if you’re writing a fairy tale.
Love stories are popular.
My mother always insisted that I couldn’t write, but what does she know!
Never take no for an answer if you love your story, keep editing and revising it.
Other than getting drunk when you get a bad review, edit and revise.
Perseverance wins the writing contest.
Quitting writing isn’t an option to those of us who love to tell stories.
Rewrite, rewrite, and rewrite.
Save your stories and back it up on an external device.
Tell yourself you can do this.
Victorious writers believe they were born to tell stories.
Writing cures writer’s block ‘cause writing begets writing. Marilyn’s hint is to drink tea.
X marks your signature on all the books that you sell.
Yesterday and every day try writing for at least twenty minutes.
Zinnias look nice on any writer’s desk.

Posted on behalf of Nancy with her permission.

Other prompts were:

1. Who am I?
2. How on earth did I get here?
3. The face I saw looking back from the mirror was not my own.
4. The path into the forest beckoned. A mist swirled among the trees, I took a step...
5. Water lapped at my feet as a voice called out from behind me.
6. He receives a note under the door and is intrigued, especially because it's the closet door...
7. With the Blues and Jazz Festival in full swing, I walked down the street and...
8. Make a list of Alphabetical Advice.

The next meeting is Sunday, June 28th. 
Judy is scheduled to lead.

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