Sunday, December 1, 2013

Exercise at Meeting - December 1, 2013

I admit it. I stole the idea from the Georgetown Wordsmiths for today's exercise. I orginally participated in this exercise, November 2012. After I received my paper, it felt so good that I wanted to share the experience.

I didn't expect two new members, Louise and Sonia, to join us. But they were game and joined us in writing nice things about strangers! Thank you Louise and Sonia for being such good sports.

We were delighted when Michael (Judy's son) visited us. He enjoyed the exercise too.

And like Val, I of course, brought cake. I hope everybody enjoyed today's meeting.

Joan Doane, of course, is one of the funniest writers I know, gave me permission to publish this on our blog. Thanks Joan.

Her website is

I hope you enjoy her minutes as much as I did!

November 26, 2012 – Minutes by  Joan Doane (Georgetown Wordsmiths)

I almost had to resort to calling my husband and asking him to bring the truck to get me home from the last meeting. Car troubles, you ask? No, but I was having a problem getting my swelled head into my small vehicle. My head barely fit through the door and, once I’d wedged it in, I then had to fumble about to get my seat to its lowest setting. As it was, my hair rubbed along the roof and my nose touched the front window, which became rather chilly during the 15 minute ride home (my nose AND the window.)

The problem started with Anne Marie who was acting as our illustrious Chair for the evening. She presented us with a very interesting opening exercise which consisted of us all writing nice things about each other! Imagine! We all went home with a sheet of paper, beautifully decorated with our names on the top, and 11 comments from our fellow Wordsmiths about how brilliant we are! Now that was certainly a great way to end a long day.
While I was hoping to receive accolades about my flowing mane of hair and lithe body (and received surprisingly few of those, for whatever reason), I was also happy to hear that I’m considered smart and caring, empathetic and organized (you obviously haven’t seen my desk lately!), and also, by a bit of a landslide majority, somewhat humorous. Go figure! It was a truly brilliant exercise and a great pick-me-up for everyone. Thanks, Anne Marie, for the neat idea! Thanks to all my fellow wordsmiths for the mutual I-think-you’re-great-too-lovefest! I’m still having difficulties going through narrrow doorways.

 Val brought cookies to share — a sweet gesture – in both kinds of ways. Nom, nom, nom. Thanks, Val!



Diane Bator said...

Loved the exercise, Nancy, as well as the article by Joan.

SweetwaterWhisperer said...
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SweetwaterWhisperer said...

I might be interested in joining a writer's guild, but would like to specifically speak with someone first. Is there a contact person with your group with whom I could chat? Thank-you! D