Sunday, November 14, 2010

Meeting Minutes November 14, 2010

Despite a bout with a sinus infection, I showed up in body to this week's meeting. Harry was leading and his prompts are never dull! In fact, he started off the meeting with a bang when his chair fell over. Luckily, he wasn't on it at the time. Heavy coats and gravity do not mix.

We discussed the Christmas luncheon. Since Fong's Buffet - formerly King's Buffet - is no longer in business, we need a new venue and soon! We had a few suggestions: Kelli brought up Fionn McCool's which is new in Orangeville, Gloria said there is a King's Buffet in Guelph if we'd all like to go there and Marilyn reminded us that there is a cafeteria in the hospital. (if we get food poisoning, the location is convenient, but the price of parking is a killer!)
We are still looking for suggestions!

Gloria and Richard have been hard at work on the anthology. There has been a problem with matching the cover we had chosen into the template the publisher offers and they've spent two months trying to get it to work. She did have a mock-up which looked great.Once the cover is selected, we'll have our book within two weeks.

Several people brought things to read this week.
Clare went back to Richard's Halloween prompts and came up with a story called "Bushwacked" about a man trying to pull of murder. He borrowed Harry's famous line "ca-chunk, ca-chunk, ca-chunk..."
He's also come up with a label for his brand of murder mysteries - "Soft Gore"

Marilyn worked on her piece from Halloween called "Fashion Disaster". Harry asked her if she's going to expand on the story. We're 'dying' to hear more...

Kelli announced that she's finished "Amber and the Bully" and has submitted it to publishers! Way to go, Kelli! Can't wait to see Book 2 on the shelves soon.

Ron posed an interesting question to us all: Who is the most famous writer in the world?
The answer is Anonymous.

Ruth read her new introduction to her updated copy of "Mystical Verses: The Poetry of Self-to-Self Philosophy." Beautiful cover and two new introductions to help put the book into context. Ron wondered what the point of the intro was. Harry told her it was very well written.

Ron read us a short story called "Meeting of the Blind" about a rabbit and a snake that meet at an intersection. Anyone who wants to find out what happened can ask him later.

Ashley read to us from an article published on that pondered death and how to cause it.  She also told us that she's "finally 18, but not old enough to drink."
Pat told her that "at least you can write about it."

Jayne had a new short story that is a Fantasy! Judy said it reminded her of Angels and Demons. We were all hooked. Shirley suggested that she find a moment in the first page to pinpoint the era/world/etc that the story takes place in. Can't wait to see more of it.

David was back. This time he brought 20 ridiculous phrases. Some of which I managed to jot down.
     Is it possible to be totally partial?
     If a mime swears, do they wash his hands with soap?
     Why do they sterilize needles for lethal injections?
     Do watchmakers take time off to unwind?
     Does a broken window feel 'pane'?
Marilyn added one more: Why is there braille on drive-thru ABM machines?

Ruth reminded us that she'd sent a link regarding dedications and introductions in books. And at book signings. Another link for me to post!

Harry read from his circus book. He's planning to create 50 character sketches of people in the circus. This meeting he read "Lenny". Judy thinks he creates "alive, textured and beautiful characters."

Judy has finally put her book "Fat and Other F Words" in a binder. This means it's becoming a real book! She read a poem called "Finish" and said her book will be one you can keep in the bathroom. Diane asked if she has a poem called "Flushed."

Ron announced that Ruth Garrett may come to spend a Sunday with us in the new year. He will let us know when.

Very interesting prompts this week courtesy of: The Conscious Scribe: 100 Exercises for the Developing Writer By (drumroll please) Harry Posner. (That's right folks, he's been holding out on us!)

The prompts:
1) describe a game of baseball (or any other sport) from an erotic point of view.
2) Write a short story that evokes the same emotional landscape as a Japanese rock garden.
3) Describe a seance that takes place in the world of the dead.
4) Describe the preparation and eating of a dinner, referring only to the movement of hands.
5) Write a poem that breaks all the $$/%^@^#@ rules.
6) Create a dialogue between two people, one of whom is a compulsive liar, the other a compulsive truthsayer.
7) Describe a day in the life of a gargoyle.
8) On a battlefield, hundreds of dead soldiers are spread out in front of you. Describe the scene, but only talk about the vegetation.

A lot of the group used the gargoyle prompt. And a lot of pigeon poop. Marilyn had a great line about "birds are the only creatures who evacuate in black and white." Jayne resurrected Harry's woodchipper for her story. ca-chink, ca-chink... One of the other best lines was when Clare, in his school-teacher voice called out "In the name of Harry Posner, arise!"
Ashley wasn't "feeling the gore" today. Pat prepared a dinner, which left us all a little hungry and prompted us to end the meeting.

And now I'll be off to my own dinner... ca-chink, ca-chink, ca-chink....

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na said...

How did I miss Harry's chair falling over?

Great piece, Diane. Chicka chunk, chicka chunk!

I actually had a book that I wanted to share w/the group, maybe another time when there aren't so many members at the table; it's a lengthy children's book about the sinking of the Titanic and it's written through the point of view of a boy's stuffed toy bear named, Polar. I'm not sure if anyone would be interested, but I found the story sweet.

Until next time. :-)