Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Exposure, exposure, exposure...

You all know the importance of exposure, having your work out there for people to see. This was shown very well recently when author Saralee Rosenberg saw a review I wrote on one of her books. Ms. Rosenberg has contacted me and will be joining our writing group via SKYPE.

I receive many newsletters from writing websites. If you pay close attention you may see that they are on Twitter. I am registered on Twitter but have paid little attention to it. I certainly don't have it going to my cell phone. But today I decided to "follow" Writer's Relief on Twitter... they in turn requested to follow me. I have Triond connected to Twitter. Everything I post on Triond is also posted on Twitter. That means everyone following me will see my work! Today I posted some of my best work from Triond on Twitter in the hopes that the right people will see my work.

This is just one way to get exposure and something you may want to consider, or something like it.

Happy writing!

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